Learning is important to succeed in life. People send their children to school to learn so that they are able to excel in life and make their careers so as to lead a happy and successful life. As we all live in a world which is divided in so many different continents and each continent is further divided into so many countries and people living in different countries speak different languages. Although, English language is spoken by almost every person and it is considered as the global lingua franca but there are different languages out there like French, German, Spanish, and Irish etc that if, parents would enroll their kids in these different classes that provide training about different languages. However French language is such a subject which the parents should focus on.

Why Learn French Language ???
  • 1. Gain internationally recorgnised French Diploma from France.
  • 2. More Opportunities and Career Prospectives.
  • 3. Enhance Communication Skills and abilities.
  • 4. Learn international culture by learning French Language.
  • 5. Second most learned language after English in the world.


French A1 and A2 Courses

French A1 Course

Level A1 French course is deliberated to give students a strong foundation in the French Language and covers basic knowledge. It is the most basic level at which a language is used, called the "discovery" stage. At this stage, the learner can interact in a simple way about him/herself and his/her immediate environment. Students learn the basic pronunciation of French and become familiar with greetings, alphabets, numbers, days of the week, time, and other daily-use vocabulary. Grammar covered includes masculine and feminine words, singular and plural, avoir and être, negation, -er¬ verbs, articles, il y a, questions, possessive pronouns, and demonstrative forms. They will also learn to describe places, people and objects..

French A2 Course

The Level A2 French course reviews everything covered in previous Level A1 French course and goes on to cover furthure units of French Grammar. In this level, you will learn and comprehend the seasons and weather, food and beverages, ordering food in a restaurant, asking for directions, vocabulary for school and home life, hobbies and sports. Grammar includes the verb faire, -ir, -re, and -oir verbs, comparatives, regular and irregular verbs, additional question types.At completion of French A2 Level, person will have basic french language knowledge and he/she can have short conversations and also person will be able to sit in DELF A2 exam.

French B1 and B2 Courses

French B1 Course

In B1 French course, students briefly review everything covered in level A1 and A2 and then go on to study French Grammar. Topics include le futur proche, le passé composé, the imperfect, prepositions such as pendant, depuis and dans, negation, pronouns such as en, lui, qui, que, moi, toi and y. French B1 course focuses on vocabulary and speaking. Various means of Audio, Video and Vocabulary books used as the primary resource. Topics covered include French culture, formal and polite expressions, relationships, emotions, physical attributes and movements, fashion, shopping and clothing. Upon completion of this level, students will be able to understand a great deal of French and will have little difficulty being comprehended.

French B2 Course

The French B2 course uses the upper intermediate book of Grammar for main resourse. The course starts with a review of grammar covered in the earlier levels, then goes on to cover more complex topics such as relative clauses, past tenses, conditionals, the subjunctive, and the plus-que-parfait. Students at this level are able to understand French music and radio broadcasts and speak with little difficulty. This level course will also covers the topics on personality, geography, professions and travel. Many job opportunities, immigration opportunity will be avail after completion of B2 level of French.